Friday, 23 August 2013

Rocks Off G Spot Vibrator

Rocks Off G Spot Vibrator

Based on the fantastic RO-120mm. The shaft of the RO-G-Spot has a uniquely angled head designed to seek out the G Spot area. 

It comes with 5 intense settings for targeted G Spot stimulation. 

Waterproof, and packaged in its own stylish hard box case. 

The ideal gift for the lady in your life.

Eagle King delay spray

Eagle King delay spray 15ml

The Eagle has landed and this delay spray is sure to help your sex life take off with flying colours. 

The 15ml bottle comes beautifully packaged with an eagle adorned box and the spray will help reduce sensitivity, thus helping you prolong sexual intercourse and preventing premature ejaculation.

Each bottle is good for 40 - 60 applications. Go where eagles dare and beyond......

Monday, 12 August 2013

New wireless mastering

Remote control wireless sex toys are one of the best products on the market for couples. It's thrilling and exciting to give your lover the vibrating powerful bullet that will deliver mind blowing vibrations whilst you hand control over to your partner.
The excitment with these products is not knowing when your partner will turn on the bullet. Here's the first scenario. are stood waiting to be serverd at the bar and your next in line. The bartender has just finished pouring the drinks and you have noticed how hot and sexy he is. You are quietly hoping he is finished serving his customer first so he can be the one to serve you. Your hopes turn into reality as he finishes serving and turns his attention to you and with a gorgeous smile asks you how he can help you
Already hot and flustered you are just about to tell him your order when your partner hits the remote control and you are filled with powerful vibrations that send you into climax. The bartender is left thinking his good looks and charm have worked wonders....  
So where do you go for one of these wireless sextoys?  How about one of the UK's leading online sex shops. ThatSexShop.

That sex shop has a range of these popular wireless sextoys including the brand new mastering range from screaming O. The mastering wireless panty set is the most popular set as it comes complete with a panty set with bullet holder. You can purchase just the mastering wireless bullet or they also have a set called the mastering wow ring set provides the same excitement but comes with one of the popular rubber cock rings by screaming O.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

strap on dildos

Today we are looking at strap ons.

So what is a strap on used for?

Contrary to popular belief strap-ons are not only used by a women to make love to another woman. Some men also use strap ons whether they are straight, gay or bi-sexual a strap on can be worn by anyone and be used on male or females.

Some strapons use a simple dildo or dong which is a smooth rubber shaped probe, some of these can have different shapes that will give different feelings. Other strap ons use a penis shape or often a reaslistic look and feel. This can have details including scrotum and veins in the shaft along with a proper head.

Some of these harnesses can be purchased on there own and you can then buy different inserts that be be swapped and changed as and when you like. :) Check out something like the dare to bare for this option.

So lets take a look at a few of these strap ons:

Firstly, the dare to bare harness. This is just the harness, once you have the harness different dildos can be purchased to be used in the harness.
bard to dare harness

We also have something for the newbies, especially if you plan to use this anally. This Pegger used a high quality harness with a smaller sleek and smooth pegger for the dildo. Perfect if you are looking for something smaller.

FFLE The Pegger Strap-On

The so real strap on is a 7" realistic penis shape dildo with balls. Penis style with high quality harness this strap on is perfect if you on a budget, keenly priced at under £12.
So real strap on

This next Alias strap on is a vibrating strap on that comes with a realistic veined shaft and penis shaped. it comes complete with vibrating penis, all for just £11. 95Alias vibrating strap on

The double tip strap on for just £23 may seem a little more than the others but for this you get a the choice of 2 dildos. This interchangable dildo comes supplied with 2 shaped peggers that are smooth and shaped for pleasure.
Double Tip Strap On

This next strap on is one of our favourites. The lesbian lover strap on comes complete with a an extra plug so whoever is wearing this is not left out of the pleasure. This extra small plug can be used as an anal or vaginal plug.
Lesbian lover strap on

Not bad for under £20. High quality penis shaped dildo.

Sticking with the double pleasure strap ons we move onto our final featured product, the double dong strap on. Similar to the Lesbian lover the double don't uses two dongs. One of these is 5.5" and the other is 3". Both of these are vibrating and are multispeed. Keenly priced at £25.
double dong strap on

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

slimline waterproof light saber

For the latest sex toy products released on the website visit the sex toy blog.

Todays new product is a featured 7" slimline vibrator.
Waterproof Lightsaber
The lightsaber is a powerful 7 inch slimline vibrator that can be used in the shower as it is a waterproof vibrator.
The slim sexy design means this sex toy can fit snuggly into a handbag. Slim and smooth with a round smooth bump onthe end the price at just £3.99 is a bargain.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

TENGA Ultra Size Deep Throat Cup!

Ever wish you could create the ultimate deep throat experience for yourself?

Well wish no more, the TENGA Ultra Size Deep Throat Cup is design to do exactly that.

It features a super vacuum effect which can be controlled easily to suit everyone and to help achieve an intense orgasm.

Combinations of small nubs inside the cup generate complex stimuli and TENGA products also come with lubricant already inside to create comfort and maximize pleasure.

At That Sex Shop there is a wide range of TENGA products, including the TENGA Ultra Size Deep Throat Cup.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ultimate Bondage Kit

Back in January we came across The First Time Fantasy Kit from Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series. Well, for those of you who want to move on from the beginner's kit, look no further.

Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series have brought out the Ultimate Bondage Kit! This kit provides all you will need to fulfill your widest fantasies, and the great thing about it is that Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series has done all the work for you, all you have to do is enjoy!

The Ultimate Bondage Kit comes complete with ball gag, butt plug, love mask, handcuffs, nipple chains, hot wax candles, and much more!

At That Sex Shop you can get a great discount on The Ultimate Bondage Kit at only £39.99! Don't delay, and start living out your fantasies now!